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apathetic nervous system

2021-2024 oil & acrylic on canvas

kadie dicarlo’s current body of work, titled “apathetic nervous system”, depicts first-hand proof of tangled somatic experiences.
each frame is an attempt to resolve/comprehend her physical and mental unease by painting a snapshot of her inner body. color, dynamic line, knots + brooding atmosphere appear in kadie’s mental landscapes, representing cognitive rumination of mysterious bodily sensation.
dealing with frayed nerves and  bouts of brain health dis-orders, she is forced to reckon with the realization that her environment is not conducive to optimal health.
chronicling her own experiences in navigating healthcare systems, kadie’s work elucidates a broader reality: in the face of ineffective socio-economic systems, mediated by government structures, citizens become apathetic to the idea of ever living in a world that nourishes their bodily system.  

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