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Kadie DiCarlo is from Murrieta, California and received her BFA in Drawing & Painting at CSU Fullerton in 2016. 
Kadie has also studied in Florence, Italy at L’Accademia di Belle Arti and at CSU Firenze from 2014-2015.

She currently practices at Icehouse Arts Complex in Long Beach, California, where she also assists in the curation and programming that the art complex offers.

Kadie's affinity for finding effective color combinations with oil and acrylic paint largely sums up her studio practice.
She enjoys working on drawings and smaller works that later become larger mental landscapes to therapeutically release her mental battles with chronic pure obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Kadie uses her unique cerebral experiences to create images and atmospheres that are both beautiful and endlessly tangled.

Alongside her art practice, Kadie is a multi-instrumentalist and has performed under the moniker, Jagged Jein.  Her band performs locally and produces new music regularly.  


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